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Thank you everyone...I really appreciate your insights and you taking time to answer and to help clarify this for me.

Right now, my concern is a Kindergartner that I have been working with since the middle of September. He is a really bright young man with a great work ethic and a desire to learn. He recently qualified for SpEd services based on the descripancy between his ability level and his difficulties in learning. With lots of help from home, the classroom teacher, and receiving Title services 30 minutes for math and 30 minutes for reading each day, he has started to make some excellent progress. When he begins tomorrow in the Resource Room, he will go from being in a Title group of 2 students working on the same concept to being in a group of 3 students, each at a different grade level and working on different concepts.

I KNOW he will receive outstanding instruction from his Resource teacher, but I just wonder if being in a group of only 2 focused on the same concepts was an added benefit to him. Does that make any sense? I just feel given his age, his intelligence, and his desire to learn that giving him all the extra help we can right now could really make a difference for him. Since he would not be keeping any other classmate from getting the help he/she needs, I keep thinking that offering him Title services in addition to his Resource Room services might be what we should be doing...?

The other concern to consider, of course, is the amount of time he would be out of his regular classroom. And if we do go down that path, then it should be an option for all students, right, which may in the future deprive a student of Title services....? We are a Targeted Assistance Title Program in a rural school. We have one class per grade level, averaging 24 students per grade.

Thanks, again, so much for all your help...hope your week ahead is a great one for each of you!
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