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pre=K behavior management
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Clip to ScrapBook #5

Have a special signal for everyone to stop what they are doing and turn to you and listen; It can be a rainstick that you turn over, a windchime that hangs from the ceiling that you put your hand through to make sounds; it can be a set of claps two fast one slow two fast. The kids stop and repeat the clap; it can be counting down; Eyes and ears on me on 3,2,1.; a xylophone that only the teacher can play .

To line up by the door-- have laminated feet shape or colored circles taped to the floor so they all stand on their shape/feet- No crowding because the shapes are spaced out.

I saw a class that had a rope that had loops coming off of it and every child held on to a loop. A teacher had the front of the rope and another teacher had the end of the loop.

For my centers there is a velcro strip in each area. The child must put his laminated picture on one of the three strips. Three strips equals three people can play at that center. My children with special needs have bought into this system beautifully. If we are heading to the playground, lunchroom, bus they go get their corresponding playground, lunchroom, bus card from their name area and put it on the velcro strip by the door. The card is a laminated card that has a picture of the bus on it plus their picture and their name.

Anytime we are going somewhere I dismiss from group-- if you have on red today go get your card, put it on the door and line up. if you have on black today...... So there is no big crowd waiting at the door.

We take a wagon with us wherever we go-- to hold our lunches to the lunchroom; to hold our books to the library, to hold our outside toys for the playground. There are 4 monitors that hold on to the front and sides of the wagon , a door holder, a line leader; everyone has a job so we all walk down the hall fairly quietly/together.

Listening game-Make big circle of children; beat a drum slowly saying

And we walk--beat and we walk --beat and we walk-- beat and we STOP ( kids have to freeze)
Tiptoe tiptoe tiptoe stop
stomp, march, hop, float, swim, dance, wiggle,
Last one is we sleep and we sleep,-- everyone sits down and pretends to sleep.

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