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Raising our value/worth
Old 08-11-2017, 10:50 AM
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Hello my fellow teachers!

I suppose this is more of a "vent/sharing of thoughts" type post but I figured I'd throw it into the teacher web world and see what others thoughts are.

I've been a certified special education teacher (resource room) for 5 years(going to be 6 this coming year) at a publicly funded charter school(I promise, I am not the enemy!). It took me a decent amount of time to land this job...before then I was hired full time as a paraprofessional and in the interim obtained my Masters in Special Education.

I am 31 and just trying to get my "stuff" together. I had to take out student loans for schooling (yes, maybe I should have rethought my Masters). I've worked in the summer as a camp counselor/mentor/nanny/tutor. I also tutor during the school year. I pretty much feel like a hamster on a wheel lately...just working and side hustling to pay off debt.

I've really come a long way with my "side hustles".....most the families I work with are very wealthy so of course I'm making more $$ than I was in college.

But I'm really starting to take a look at the families who pay me and see their lives (multiple houses, mutiple premium cars/multiple children/fancy clothes etc).

I'm really starting to get sick of this societal standard that all those working with children make the least amount of money. How silly is it that people will spend hundreds of dollars on Valentino shoes yet nickel and dime their child's tutor?

How come our society finds it normal to pay a personal trainer $75 an hour but a child's babysitter/driver/tutor $12-$30 an hour?

There is no simple answer to this of course. But I think what it really comes down to is....back in the day, teachers/childcare providers were just volunteers/minimum wage type jobs for perhaps a small supplemental income but it has now turned into a full on career requiring tens of thousands of dollars in education/certification.

Yes, we work with kids because most people who become teachers find it intrinsically motivating. We are in a career that has a positive influence on our society. HOWEVER, I think we need to start raising our value/worth. Of course it doesn't help that politics blame us for high property taxes etc....BUT, I think teachers/tutors/child care providers should really start acknowledging their worth a bit more. We need politicians on our side as well of course but I think we need to keep in mind that " time is valuable and I'm working with these adults 'most valuable' possession and should be paid accordingly."

People pay their tax accountants/personal trainers/hair dressers more than us for an hour of work. Start thinking about that when you set your rates for the tutoring/childcare/afterschool program.

Just food for thought.....

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