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She will never be happy.
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I'm getting a student who is moving from the Elementary school to the middle school. His mom hated the elementary school Emotional Support teacher because she did not believe that her child should be made to do work or be held accountable for his actions because he has MILD least that is the diagnosis. I've spent some time with this child and what I am seeing is some decently severe anxiety mixed with lots of learned behavior. She doesn't like anything the school district has done but offers no solution. We already had a meeting to prepare for this school year. I was told horror stories, so I was surprised when I thought the meeting was going well. It did...until the last five minutes. Mom asked who his teacher would be for the year. My director of spec ed said, "We had some retirements and some movement within grade levels. We want to make sure everything is settled and we match him with the best teacher to meet his needs." Mom gets up, storms out saying, "You've got to be kidding me. You're kidding me, right? You actually employ teachers that can't meet his needs."

During Extended school year, she came to pick him up and he was in the gym with my classroom aide because my kids work for free time in the gym. I stayed back in my room with the 2 who didn't earn it. She asked me what training in Autism my aide had. I told her that my Aides are both appropriately trained and have had a lot of experience with students with a number of diagnoses." She left my room and went directly to the superintendent because I didn't pull out a list of specific training my aides have had. First of all, the district pays the aides just above minimum wage. They are trained by me...on the job. I am not at fault for that and I work with what I have.

She wants:
No negative consequences...natural or otherwise. There were actually big issues last year because this child stole from another child and the affected child said he did not want to be friends. She actually wanted the school to force the other child to be his friend. Umm, no. He refuses to work and she does not want him held in at recess or have to do the work at another time, nor does she want anything taken away from the child.

She wants him to have "sensory breaks". She demanded to see my collection of sensory items and I didn't have enough for her liking (most of my students have emotional/behavioral issues, not sensory/Autism issues. I never had need for them. I asked her what kinds of things he liked so that I could order them. She replies with, "He doesn't really like any of them and won't willingly use them." So...again, tell me why I am buying them if he doesn't like to use them and why on Earth would I force him to use them if they are not helpful to him.

She wants a detailed daily note home...each assignment, if he did it or not, what strategies were tried, what tone (I am not kidding) the prompt was in. Nobody has time for that. Get him a TSS.

He is my first IEP of the year and I dread doing it because I put a lot of work into them and she will cut it all down anyway.

The child himself isn't an issue. I had him during Extended School Year. She is a problem...and a problem I will have for the next 5 years as I have my children 4th - 8th grade.

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