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Is there some way to find
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out in advance if an assignment will be left? If so, you have no choice. You have to cajole those who are willing to do it into at least trying.

If you are left entirely high and dry, you can try the trivia questions, but from the situation you are describing, I'm not sure you'd get a lot of cooperation.

I once had the middle school music class from hell on a two day assignment. After I went home with a horrible headache the first day, I approached the school secretary and asked her to ask the principal to stop by at the beginning of the class the second day because the students were being rude and uncooperative. He showed up, gave them hell, and the second day went well.

I wouldn't normally suggest involving the administration, but in a situation like this, the powers that be need to know what's going on. Ultimately, it's their responsibility to provide you as a "guest" with the resources needed to do your job effectively.
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