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Inappropriate touching of SELF in class-HELP!
Old 04-14-2009, 08:44 PM
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I've been following Cleopatra's challenge with a student who persists in touching others. I've got a curious one on my hands -- the first in more than a dozen years of teaching.

I've got a boy in my class who I've caught "rubbing himself" inappropriately during class on more than a couple occasions. I've talked with his parents and they do not doubt what I am reporting and are supportive of any effort to eliminate this behavior.

The boy admits that he has done this sporadically throughout the year, and understands that the behavior is wrong, but continues nonetheless.

He does not expose himself, and quite honestly it looks very innocent -- as though he's vigorously rubbing his hands together between his thighs to warm himself... so none of the other kids have noticed (yet).

His parents are at their wits' end, as am I.

He is an exceptional 7yo in my 3rd grade class doing grade level plus 5th grade math and is off the charts in reading and language. (Unfortunately, our district is small and has no real GATE-style resources, so we just have to do our best.)

I'd hate to see his record scarred with such a blemish, and worse, would hate to see him ridiculed by his peers for his behavior. He is very well adapted socially, especially given the age differences, and has many friends of both genders and is well-liked by everyone -- faculty and students.

We've tried reasoning with him, taking away privileges, his parents have worked from their end, but have told me that they are hesitant to employ corporal punishment fearing some sort of "issue" later in life.

He has no other behavioral problems whatsoever and is probably one of the most polite boys I've had in years... he'd definitely one of the brightest by a long shot.

The counselor has pushed the premise with him that his behavior is perfectly natural -- but that it is totally unacceptable in public. His parents agree with this approach.

Has anyone dealt with something like this before?


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