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YouTube is a great resource for music and would be great to use while they're setting up for and/or transitioning to a new activity. My dad especially loved music from the 30s and 40s and clips from Broadway musicals and movies made from them. I often looked for "karaoke style" or "with lyrics" to help me sing with him.

YouTube also has episodes of "The Lawrence Welk Show" which focuses on music between the 30s and 70s - all of which was enjoyable to both my parents. A few minutes of something like that might make a good transition after lunch.

I've been surprised at how many of the caregivers working with my parents don't automatically cue in to how important music is in helping with behavioral issues. I had a discussion with one young man who helped take care of my dad and made some suggestions and the next time I saw him he proudly showed me all the music cued up on his phone. He said the minute dad started to have trouble he'd start playing something and dad would immediately start singing along and forget his upset.

I've wondered about using some of the activities I used to do with elementary music classes. There are all sorts of videos showing music classes doing rhymical dance with ribbons, drumming on balls in buckets, etc. to music. It would be fun and some of the participants might be able to remember routines. Since I've retired, I've seen something new called "boom whackers" that might be fun for adults too if he had the funds.

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