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Don't know if you'll be interested but....
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Clip to ScrapBook #4

Here is one idea I've used before with an ocean/beach theme that you could is more for class motivation and recognition rather than a behavior cueing system but thought I'd kids loved it

Treasure Poem:

"X" Marks the Spot

X marks the spot.
Hidden treasures untold.
Rubies? Sapphires?
Maybe even gold?

The ancient map
provides the clues
For good little sailors
If they choose.

I had the poem displayed and we would read it each morning as a reminder about choices. When I caught a student making good choices he or she would get a puzzle part of a map. When they collected all the parts they got to go to the treasure box as a reward.
I've also used it for the entire class on a bulletin board. When the entire class was caught making good choices or showing a specific character trait or received a compliment I would put large parts of a map puzzle on the bulletin board. When the class earned all the parts of the map puzzle we had a class reward usually in the form of a secret treasure like watermelon, popsicles the playground.
I've also used treasure incentive charts with jewel stickers for earning a treasure from the teacher and had many different rewards like free computer time, sit with a buddy, pencil, etc.. in a treasure box for them to select. I wrote the rewards on gold coins which made it a lot of fun.
Anyway don't know that this would be anything you are thinking about but thought I'd share.
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