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Clip to ScrapBook #2

I've talked to the homeroom teachers and been ignored.
What do you do when admin forbids you to assign detention or call home, no support is given from the homeroom teachers, and the class has collectively chosen you are a nonentity?
I've read some of your other posts and I'm thinking you've lost this battle. Game over Red Rover. These kids don't respect you.

If I were you, I'd do as your P suggested and play music while they do some mindfulness colouring or free drawing. I'd bring in desirable treats and at the end of the lesson, reward those who were respectful. Maybe those who do tidy up after themselves could use the more exciting materials, like chalk pastels and paint. Those who are lazy just get pencils, until they show they can clean up. If no one is tidying up, then no one gets paint. (Or whatever materials they enjoy.....) Save referrals for truly aggressive/voilent or dangerous stuff.

I wouldn't do that under normal circumstances, but it sounds like your circumstances aren't normal. It's towards the end of the year, you know you're not going to return to teaching, and youre killing yourself trying to get through curriculum. No matter what, it's a mistake to focus on academic content when a class isn't under control. Management comes first, for everyone's sake.

I used to be a high school teacher, and transitioned into teaching kinder. The management comes first rule is the same no matter the age. I have moments with my little ones where we need to stop and play, or do yoga, or listen to a story.
When I taught a particularly difficult class of teenage boys, I sometimes had to stop mid lesson and send them outside to run laps around the oval. Again, not something I'd have done normally, but it worked with that group.

You seem so stressed, and I think it would be good for both you and the kids if you could step back and take the pressure off for awhile. You may even find that when you're more relaxed ,they naturally begin to respond to you more positively.

I hope you're able to find some peace amongst all this. It seems like a lot of things have been out of your control.
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