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Those cherubs...
Old 03-28-2019, 02:16 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #11

Would have backs of recycled paper and golf pencils ONLY. No erasers

3 minute time figure drawings until their little paws fall off from their wrists.

Get a high studio chair. Draw names out of a box or random number generator. 60 minutes means you can get most of the class in the hot seat during that hour. You dodged the seat due to time constraints. Terrific! We are doing this again next class.

To the ones that decide throw paper? Stack of recycled paper and started folding paper in half, then fourths, etc. As small as they can get the paper. Send it all home to have the parental unit initial each folded unit. I had a charmer do airplanes instead. I upped the amount he had to fold by the end of the hour.

I could justify either activity as a "worthy learning experience."

The only thing you can't do in B/W is color theory. Obviously that is beyond your group, so B/W only isn't a big deal.

My reading skills are crud. You can't call home? EXCELLENT. That means you have a captive audience. Oh, I'd be getting those recycled papers in stacks. You probably grade on class participation. Refusal knocks the grade down by so many points.

The thing with the above activity, kids going into art will be doing timed drawings anyway. You aren't depriving them. Ms/Mr Furture Social Media Influencer will hate it. Considering how they treat you, *shrug*.

No way would I play doormat/scut maid to that crew.

I only had to do the above 3 times. Then word got out that Ms. Tawaki DOES NOT PLAY.

Sending you a virtual case of adult beverage.

I might be tempted to have them look at their hands for 60 minutes with Zen meditation/Spa music going. With a little luck some might fill asleep. #winning. The others can learn to be truly bored. See, another life skill you need to learn. How to handle truly being bored.

Good luck. <3
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