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Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't understand that if he's an officer? I'm at a public school in the US. We don't have any officers there full time, but sometimes 2 specific police officers will visit our school and walk through.
I cannot imagine a situation where a police officer would be in a school in a situation where a small child could reach and touch his gun, or the holster.

I'm in the same State as ElizabethJoy and we just don't have security officers in schools. We don't have security in school really (after some of what I've read here, you'd die of shock if you saw my school). If a police officer comes to my school for some purpose, he does not wear his gun belt.

As for the TV shows, they're bad, I agree, but I can remember my Dad ranting and raving about how rude and disrespectful kids on TV shows were and not letting me watch some because of the kids backchatting. I'm 60 this year and Dad would be 94. It's not new, but I think the current trend of parents wanting to be friends rather than parenting is making it worse. The kids often aren't shut down the way I was if they try to imitate the shows.
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