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Joined: Jun 2014
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We have lost respect as the yrs have gone by.
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Parents want to be their child's friend.
Drugs are now really rampant where I work.
Kids are not even raised anymore where I live.
If they make a fuss, parents give in to the kid instead of being a parent.
They have learned to rescue their kids to a point where kids can do very little problem solving w/ real life problems.
They have taken over the school board too. We've got discipline programs that do not teach personal responsibility for actions or consequences.
I am not the least bit shocked. We had unarmed security in a school nearby. The kids ( HS) beat him up so bad that he was hospitalized and disabled for life. This did not happen in a poor ,urban center either.
Lack of parenting and school consequences have played a big part in this downward trend. It is very sad. Oh, I should not say all. I have 3 kids in my class this yr who are from families with adults who parent.
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