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Clip to ScrapBook #9

I actually teach 3 year olds who go on to the PreK room next.

I do teach the children to recognize and name lowercase letters and their sounds (as well as capitals, of course). I love using the Leapfrog Letter Factory DVD and Heidisongs letters and sounds CD to achieve this.

Because I have the whole gamut of 3 year olds this year, ranging from just turned 3 to about to turn 4, I only teach them to write their names, and that starts when each child turns 3 1/2. However, I also do have them write on the whiteboard just before they each line up to go outside. They copy my letter of the week (actually one letter every 2 weeks) on the board as I hold their hands and position the marker. They say the name and sound, too. It's the only way I can be sure they form the letters correctly. Finding time for 1:1 work is pretty hard, so this is my solution.

I used to use my sandpaper letters all the time. I think I will get them out for the incoming class! Thanks for the reminder.

And thanks to all who responded. I will continue to do as I have in the past. Thanks for the support.
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