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Clip to ScrapBook #2

Reading With Meaning does have several sample lessons, especially for getting started at the beginning of the year. Most of it is organized by comprehension strategies. The best part was that it really helped me to think like her, therefore having the confidence to come up with my own lessons using her style. I have reread this book every year (it also calms me... there is something about her that just feels like you are talking to a wise friend). I would highly recommend it- especially if you are feeling overwhelmed! You might be able to preview it on google books too.

Teaching With Intention was still a great read, but it was a little less "what to do" and more "why to do it." The suggestions were more about your approach to teaching than actual lessons. I loved reading it, but don't see myself referring back to it as often as RWM. Maybe put this one on your wish list and splurge on RWM for now.

Good luck and don't give up : ) Run to the book store and let Debbie get you pumped to go back to school. She may not be exactly what you are looking for in terms of unit plans, but you could probably find a lot of that online too. Jessica Meacham also has a great website packed with resources.
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