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Clip to ScrapBook #9

I am so sorry to hear that. It would be perfect if you had a closet or a utility room in your classroom. I would make sure to lock the back packs in. May be several huge carboard boxes would do the trick. If they dump all of their backpacks in and you close it, they would have a hard time retrieving it.
Tell them that everyone retrieves the backpacks at the same time. If something is lost, the person who got into the box gets the blame automatically.

I have one hard to control classroom like you describe. I can not imagine having 30 classes like these each week. I hope you are taking care of yourself. I bet you need a lot of rest. I do. When I get home, I sleep a lot after having this particular class. Everything is an opportunity to disrupt for this class.

Are you allowed to give any consequences for misbehavior????
1. Writing a reflection letter
2. Writing an apology letter
3. Writing the rule broken over and over again
4. Turn their seats around.
5. Staying after school and cleaning your classroom. I would purposely dump extra trash that day.
6. Wipe the tables, books, shelves until your satisfaction
7. The consequence is really having to stay late or lose time with friends when no one is there.
8. If they rip or write on a book, immediately inform and ask the bookkeeper to send the invoice home.

I am sorry about your situation. I'm in a similar school. They want good grades, no referrals, no phone calls, no punishments, everything is a reward, put on a smile even when they are doing wrong and so on.
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