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So I've done the next best thing and had them put their packs against the wall, but every day there are a half-dozen students who think they are the exception to the rules. They'll just take their packs to their seats, then ignore me, try to argue, or try to bargain with me, and then some try to sneak them back to their tables during class.
Do you have any type of incentive (motivation) that answers question for students, "Why should I?" In this case, "Why should I put my backpack by the wall as you ask?" Some teachers use Responsibility Training with PAT. RT done correctly elicits the power of peers to do discipline for you. If you have PAT in place Teacher Bonus can be used to motivate (incentive) the half-dozen. Might look something like this:

"Class you have 20 minutes of PAT. You can earn more PAT by saving me time to teach. When you come into class I will watch to see how many backpacks are not against the wall. If there are none, everyone has put their backpack as I directed, you will earn a Teacher Bonus of three minutes added to your PAT. That's 23 minutes of PAT. Let's all help each other to make sure you earn your extra PAT." Typically, if a student starts to take their backpack to their seat another student will say, "Hey! Put it against the wall. We want extra PAT!" In this case, in order to be noticed and popular (peer relationship) most students comply. If a student doesn't no time is subtracted from PAT. The class just doesn't earn extra time.

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