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Funny ex story for you ......
Old 11-11-2021, 06:04 AM

(or so ridiculous it makes you laugh!??!)

My ex and his fiancee went to see my 21-year old DD in her senior musical in college. Afterwards, they said things like, "Great show!" "So good to see you on stage again." But nothing about HER performance specifically.

She wasn't the lead (and that's a LONG story!), but she had a great featured part and basically stole the show with her hilarious lines and expressions. She also had a duet, which brought down the house every night.

So WHY didn't they even mention her performance??????????

They didn't recognize her.

She has long, straight, dark brown hair. She wore a short, curly blonde wig in the show. And because it was a comedic role, her voice was very different (think Betty Boop lol).

My other daughter suspected this was the reason, and said to them at dinner last night, "Wasn't her song hilarious?" And they were like, "She had a song???!??!"

I'm perpetually shaking my head at their narcissism and self-involvement, but this takes the cake lol.

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