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Wow! You're doing a lot!

When I retired, I decided to pay attention to all aspects of my life: physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, creative, and social.

So I work out 2 or 3 times a week either at the gym or the pool, I meet with a prayer partner for emotional support, I joined a Bible Study and Home Group for the spiritual aspect, I joined a Lecture Club and tutor for the intellectual part, I joined a Garden Club that covers both outdoor gardening and floral design for the creative part, and check in on friends for the social part. The part I need to improve on is the creative part, so I've been thinking it would be good for me to start practicing my very rusty piano skills. I might start sewing a bit again, but I like to have focused time to do that.

I hear you on the entertaining part. I am also an introvert and don't really like to cook. But, I've been collecting some go-to recipes and am more content that my house is just a house and nothing special, so I try to invite people over every couple months or so. It definitely has taken effort.

The traveling part can quite a bit of fun, too. My DH and I love to take day trips and find quirky places to be very interesting and entertaining.

I love your list!
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