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Old 11-20-2021, 10:15 AM

I think I used to be well-rounded, then I retired and have also retired the word should. I aim for helping others and personal contentment.

Every day of my life I:
*walk at least 3 miles
*talk or text with family/friends/neighbors
*feed the hummingbirds
*eat something unhealthy
*try to learn something (it can be trivial)

I hope the above and these more occasional activities “round me out:”
*book club
*classes (I’m signed up for next-step-Mahjong and am working up to conversational Spanish) (Eliza, I hope you give MJ a go.)
*book club
*2 Mahjong groups! (I’d like to play once or twice a week with real people—I play online with bots daily)
*walk with a friend

Eventually I’d like to include more of the pre-pandemic stuff with friends:
*lunch out
*cultural excursions
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