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IMO, I think that any "reward" system works as long as the teacher implementing it has strong classroom management.

With that being said, I too use a chart that children start in the middle on a clothespin and move up or down. I believe it has 7 colors. I do NOT give daily prizes. I do not think that because a child does what they SHOULD be doing they get rewarded. My reward chart is NOT based on treasure box prizes.

Here's how my reward chart works:

*Daily their behavior is marked on their daily calendar so the parents see it and can question

*If they move up, they get a 'caught ya being good slip" the next day (I give it the next day because by the end of a day, a child that moves up can move down of course). This slip goes in a jar and on Fridays I pick 2 names from that jar and those 2 children on Fridays go to the treasure box (the more slips you have the better chance)

*Children get 25 minutes of Fun Friday if they have stayed at the middle color or above for at least 3 days a week. So children with 2 negative color changes do not get it. That's incentive too.

*Children that reach the top have me ringing a bell to announce it, and get a sparkly color jewel for their clothespin. Once they get 10 jewel they get a "color" clothespin

*Children that go "off the chart" (still did good once they went beyond the top) get a postcard to send home, a special pencil with a flag on top, and an "off the top" t-shirt to wear the rest of the day, and then wear home.

If a child moves down one level- it's just a warning level. If they move down two, a postcard goes home about that behavior and what consequence they received. If it moves down to the worst level (red), they get an office referral, and 1 red means no Fun Friday.

BUT, I make it hard to get outstanding. The middle level is for being good and ready to learn (it says ready to learn on it), because that is what they're supposed to do. If they are doing their work, that is what they should be doing and I don't move them up for it. They get moved up for ABOVE AND BEYOND behavior. Helping someone without being asked. Being the first one ready because they were paying attention. I do not get Outstanding often, and I rarely get Off the Charts. Children know they have to work for it and I don't just give it out to keep them behaved.

I've created all of the postcards, brochures for parents, the large behavior chart poster and everything. Last year was the first year I used this program, and it was the best behaved year. If you want me to send you pictures of what I created, email me at:
heatam # comcast . net

But you also have to be firm in handling it too
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