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Clip to ScrapBook #10

I use a folder as well. Just make sure that every 2-3 weeks you have the students clean them out and turn in work, otherwise they turn into a black hole for those students who never seem to finish anything! I also found that the students who finish everything early lamented their empty folders, so I'd make extra 'challenge' work packets for them so they'd have something. I'd also sneak remediation packets into the lower kids' folders who couldn't do the classwork without it being a big deal, because everyone had different pages to do anyway.

I also started a bin at the front of the room with a few extra activities (color by number addition pages, word puzzles, etc. from activity books). I added any extra copies when passing out work or any copies we didn't get to in the *bottom* of the bin, and if students finished early they could pick from the bin. It was a true review when the pile started moving up and pages reappeared from skills a week or more prior. They were allowed to pick through the bin and take whatever page they wanted.

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