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Clip to ScrapBook #8

Discipline without Stress, Punishment, or Rewards by Dr. Marvin Marshall (got the book from my local library) combined with Whole Brain Teaching (most of the website has free access) techniques does it for me. I was spinning my wheels trying to reward the kids who were doing well just as hard as I consequenced the ones that weren't, and I was going crazy! Plus, it led to "But why did *he* get a prize/ticket/clip up when *I* didn't get one?" The kids weren't motivated to do well unless I was standing over them with a reward and I can't stand rewarding kids for doing things they should be doing anyway--The reward is your education, your pride, your teacher's respect, your classmates' respect. Plus, it was really clear who the 'good kids' and the 'bad kids' were, no matter how much we talked about behavior.

With Dr. Marshall's philosophy, I stress reeeeeally hard that each behavior is a choice and making one bad choice doesn't mean you have to keep making bad choices. I found that instead of the 'bad kids' going into a spiral and plummeting to the bottom of the color chart, they were better able to turn their behavior around. It changed it from "red kids" and "purple kids" to "How can you make a better choice so you and your friends feel better?"

If a kid needs a visual aid to help them with behavior, I use an individual chart. Surprisingly, this doesn't phase the kids too much as long as any rewards are given quietly off to the side. Mostly, the 'bad kid' was annoying them so much that they're just glad he has stopped!

My admin says I have to use a color chart that goes up and down and give away PBS tickets and track them and hold celebrations. I quietly do my own thing (the kids get PBS tickets from their specialists and are thrilled to take them home) and my class behaves and learns, so they leave me alone about it
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