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Is this for kids that will be entering K in the fall or is this for kids that just finished kindergarten? If the kids are just entering K you will need to make the activities shorter with more movement activites. If they already finished a year in K then you will be able to plan longer lessons and have them work and sit for longer periods of time.

Regardless, 3 hours including possible breakfast/lunch and bathroom breaks is not very long. It will fly by! I would try to start off each day with some type of daily routine. Most kids that have attended PreK or K are used to a morning opening/circle time to start each day.

As far as the reading/math and writing, I would divide up the time you have. At the end of the year I was spending about 45 minutes on writing (journal and sentence writing , not handwriting), about 45 minutes on math and a little over an hour on reading.

The reading lesson, however, often included several activities within the reading block of time. Ex: you might spend 20 minutes on an alphabet activity, 15 minutes on a big book, 20 minutes on a rhyming game etc.... It was never an hour long activity on 1 topic.

You mentioned art activities. I would probably just incorporate them into the reading and math lessons.
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