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To the OP....I've been there. And the responses you received here do not surprise me at all. I've heard them over and over again. Everybody wants to jump on the socialization parade. I don't know about your daughter, but mine had been in daycare since she was an infant. She knew all about sharing and cooperating and even helping her peers. By the time she reached kindergarten, her social skills were very well developed. She could hold a conversation with an adult just as well as with a peer. So I don't buy the socialization speech.
In preschool, the teachers complained incessantly that she didn't like to color. Ummm....hello.....she was beyond those pumpkin-that-takes-up-the-whole-page coloring sheets. She was already coloring detailed pictures at home. Moreover, she was an amazing draw-er and would much rather be drawing her OWN picture of a beautiful autumn scene. If the teachers could've just seen past their plans far enough to give her a blank piece of paper, she would've happily colored as long as they wanted her to. And I wouldn't have had to hear the constant complaints that she didn't want to participate.
She remained grossly unchallenged for years, despite a gifted identification and thorough achievement testing that proved she was functioning well above grade level....and despite my constant reminders that she was not being adequately challenged.
Fast forward to now. She transferred to a new school for eighth grade....a school with a much higher academic expectation. She is finally experiencing the challenge she should've received years ago. Problem is after so many years of just coasting through, she doesn't know how to accept the challenge. She'll get a 94 on a test and is devastated that she failed. That's what happens when you get to eighth grade and have never experienced anything that wasn't easy for you. I'd like to go back and shake some sense into a few teachers at this point. She is suffering now for their laziness.
So to the OP.....don't let it happen to your daughter. Don't accept mediocrity. She deserves better than reviewing the letter A when she is ready to read chapter books.....
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