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I appreciate all the responses here. And despite what the majority of people have said, I am by no means a 'helicopter parent'. As a teacher myself (in 3rd grade currently, but have taught from preschool to 5th), I just know that she could be doing more.

We do a lot with her at home, but I feel that it's unfair after being at school all day that she comes home and I am giving her more to do...although she loves doing it most of the time.

I have spoken to K teachers in my building as well as friends in other districts, and they all say there should be guided, differentiated groups, and leveled readers or differentiated word lists coming home...this is NOT happening in DD's class. That is my concern.

And yes, she has been in daycare and then preschool since she was only a few months old, plus she is in a dance class and other activities with other children her age, so I feel she is able to socialize well...that is not my primary focus for her in Kindergarten.

Snicklesnack, thanks for your response. I can relate most to what you said about your child. I want my DD to not just coast through for years, because of exactly what you described.

I know you have to be a special person to teach Kindergarten, as you do for every grade level. I just know that if I was only focusing on the lower students in my class and not providing a 'challenge' to the higher students as well, MY principal would have something to say about it. There should be differentiation to some extent at ALL grades, not just 1st and higher!!!
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