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Clip to ScrapBook #2

I rotate jobs daily. I create a chart using a table on the computer with the kids names down the side and 15 columns after their names. I put the dates at the top of the columns. After we figure out the jobs we need I code them with letters or numbers. I rotate the jobs in the order the names are on the chart. I save bathroom monitor for last because I need one boy and one girl so it can't go in order. But if every kid has to have a job every day you may want to leave that one off anyway because it would be tricky unless your numbers are equal. I do not have a job for every student every day.

I hang the chart on a clipboard near the door and one of the students tells the jobs each day. Most will check it themselves anyway once they've learned to read it. For first grade you would probably need to create and display a key with the code, the job, and a picture or symbol. There is a lot of training up front, but they catch on fairly quickly. Plus if you go in order "Kyra" figures out pretty quickly that if "Bobby" is line leader today, then tomorrow it's her turn.

I fill out a new chart every three weeks but the order just continues from the last one. If I get a new student I add him to the end and he fills in for whoever is absent. He is added to the rotation when we get the new chart. If someone moves, I use a random spinner for any job they had until we update the chart.

It sounds like a lot, but once the students learn to read the chart and all the job procedures are taught, it's really just keeping the chart updated every three weeks. A few usually pick it up quickly, and they can be in charge of helping the others until they get it.
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