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Clip to ScrapBook #7

I start the year like this with the desks facing the board. I like how I can easily reach any child who needs extra help. If I have more kids, I add desks to the middle column. I hope this little diagram works.

------ S M A R T B O A R D ------

--- A B ---------------------- M N ---
--- C D ---------------------- O P ---
--- E F --------- I J --------- Q R ---
--- G H --------- K L ---------S T ---

The partners work together and we switch seats around (and partners) frequently. For small group discussions, projects, or games, the 1st and 3rd rows turn their chairs around and work with the kids behind them, so kids A-B-C-D work together and M-N-O-P are a group, etc. Halfway through the year, I switch to pods of 4 – 6 desks, when the kids are better at paying attention. I do a lot of group teaching at the desks, rather than on the rug, because my rug area is rather small.

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