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Hate show n tell
Old 07-24-2013, 04:18 PM
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I don't do show n tell anymore either. What I do is a Discovery Bag. I give a box, bag, or backpack with a great color scheme or design to 2 or 3 children a week (small, private school class). With a large class I would probably do 3 days, 3 kids. last year I just used a canvas bag I bought at the craft store and decorated it with stencils and fabric paint and added a velcro closure. A letter goes home to the parents with the bag each time. They help the children select the item and think of three hints to practice.

I really think this is good for beginning public speaking. It is also good for the guesser to practice reasoning skills. The guessers raise their hands to guess what it might be after each hint. A child may only be selected if they are sitting quietly and nicely raising their hand. I had problems with the same friends being chosen to guess each time (if you don't pick me I won't play with you, invite you to my party, tell everyone not to be your friend...)so I chose the first guesser .

My rules:
1. The item must fit in the bag
2. If it does not relate to the assigned topic it does not get shown (this is the parent's responsibility and it is stated so in the letter)
3. It is not to come out of the cubbies before or after Discovery Bag time, otherwise you will miss your next turn.
4.Once the child has brought the item it cannot be brought again
5. if the children do not guess it in three hints the Discover Bag student gets to pick a prize from the supply of junk I keep (usually sticker pages, tattoos, rings from birthday cupcakes...) since they did such a good job picking out an item and giving the hints and keeping it a secret.

Also, I help the guessers reason through the hints at the beginning of the year. For example, if a child brings a blue teddy bear and the hints are it is blue, it is cuddly, it sleeps with me, we will reason that it cannot be Clifford the big red dog because he is not blue, it is not Mater from "Cars" because he is brown, it is not a necklace because that is not cuddly.

If they get out of hand with it or I get tired of it, I will stop doing it after Christmas or spring break.

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