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Advice needed - extreme behavior student moving to my room
Old 08-08-2013, 12:35 PM
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School has been in session for 2 weeks now (for Kinder) and it's been a wild ride so far! There is a long term sub in the room next door. He's been having major problems, the parents complained, and now he'll be place in my room starting on Monday.

He has hit the teacher twice (once in the face) and will hit other students. He kicks and screams, as well as rolls around on the floor. He talks about killing and poisoning other students when they won't play with him and has drawn a picture a gun aimed at another student.

The parents are basically blaming the situation on the long term sub and claim he learned all these behaviors in school. The principal and vice principal as well as the school counselors have been supportive and encouraged communication about any little thing I need. I'm not upset or even wanting to complain, I simply wanted to be prepared with a multitude of strategies. I will be seating him in a separate desk and not at a table and will pretend that he is simply a new student, not treating him by his reputation.

Any and all advice you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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