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Clip to ScrapBook #2

In two weeks - this kid has turned into a monster by a substitute. Yeah, right! Okay . . .

School pschologist's observation needs to be called in immediately with the "killing and poisoning other students" and drawing a gun in a picture with other children type "threats."

Evaluations as to whether he should have a one-on-one associate???

I've had (in the past) a thick rubber band that was wrapped around the legs of the student's desk that slowed down the "kicking" of others.

A positive motivational type system - such as a race car (a velcroed car that runs on a small poster board illaminated track) - where when positive behaviors are displayed by this student, the car is moved to several locations on the track each time the teacher/aide notices a positive behavior (goal behavior to be predetermined) - and when the car reaches a "star" on the track - student is rewarded either with extra time on the computer or given a teddy graham cracker and whatever. Usually at the beginning, the student is "rewarded" after two positive behaviors displays, then the intervals require more positive behaviors between "rewards."

Since learning occurs on a carpeted "meeting" area, use masking tape to create a space for him to sit that is close enough to see everything the group is doing -but far enough where he can't hit and kick others. Can either use the space as his permanent space to sit when activities are done on the carpet - or when he can't seem to get himself under control - he can be asked to go to his space until he can keep his arms, hands, feet, and legs to himself. This would be like "safe space" in Love and Logic.

I have 3 "X's" with masking tape on the carpet in my classroom a little distance from the carpet meeting area. When a student is having trouble controlling his/her actions after I've warn him/her - and he/she continues, I have him/her go sit on an "X" until he/she can behave the way I'm asking him/her to and then he/she can return to the carpet with the rest of us.

A location in another classroom where the student (when totally out of control) can go until they obtained self control. Could be a neighboring classroom - a chair sitting by a wall in their classroom or a chair in the office?

When things get "HOT" with this student, another adult who could take the student for a quick 5 minute walk around the building or on the school track to "COOL" off.

A communication system - daily - with the parents about choices that he made each day. I've ask the parents how they want to be informed. Many wanted e-mails - - which I tell them the e-mails will be short and sweet descriptions. Great documentation! I also let parents know that communications go both ways. I expect to read e-mails from them as well - and once in a while get responses back from them about my e-mails. I had one student who I had come to my desk at the end of the day and we, together, write an e-mail to his/her parents and the student hit the SEND button. Sometimes we'd download a picture of the day and send it in the e-mail - as a "reward" as well. He picked the picture that he wanted to send to his parents.

Good Luck!
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