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So sorry!
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Why do they do this to students and teachers!?! The kid needs help. I get so fed up being told about the behavior problem kid's rights and needs when the safety and education of the other students is at risk.
Yes, with TONS of support and intervention your new kiddo may eventually function in a regular classroom. Much of your time, attention, and energy, though, will be focused on that and NOT on teaching students academic content. Right now, he needs to get HELP and he needs to gradually come into a regular classroom as he learns how function in that environment.
The parents apparently are not going to seek help for him. You need to make your voice heard loud and often with administration to get him the help he needs.
But, you have to do your best for him in your classroom until (if ever) he gets that help he needs.
From the start, be in constant communication with the parents (if they will answer the phone, it's much better to call then to just send notes/reports).
Choose the "worst" behavior first and focus just on that one thing. It sounds like the violent behavior will come first. The first time the target behavior happens he needs to be moved away from other students and as soon as possible have a conversation with you. There needs to be a consequence for the behavior.
At a separate time, he needs direct instruction in what to do instead of the target behavior. He sounds extreme, so I would say he needs a daily mini-lesson to practice alternative behaviors (take a break--go to a set place in the classroom like a time out, take deep breaths, count to 10 or more...there are lots of strategies to offer him). Then frequently check-in with him and remind him of the strategies throughout the day and have a final check-in before dismissal. LOTS of encouragement and gushing when his making good choices and using those strategies. It is EXHAUSTING!! If you are consistent, it will work (unless there are mental health or other issues that are out of his control).
The Second Step program is a great resource for teaching kids to recognize and handle their emotions (and teaching students how to be learners and respectful of others). And I'm sure there are other great resources. BEG for funds.

Best of luck!! And, who knows?? Maybe the classroom switch and a fresh start with you and your positive welcome to the class will be all he needs.
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