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What I don't like about common core:
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at the level I teach it is not developmentally appropriate. Not one early childhood educator was involved in creating these standards. Several well known and well respected experts wanted to be a part of the creation of standards and were not allowed to be part of the process.
Posting the standards on the board or in the room is a total waste of my time. I have the standards in my plan book. My children can't read. The parents don't understand most of the objectives as written. Many don't care.

Education is now forcing teachers and students to learn what will be on the test and in the common core standards. There is very little real education going on. We will be turning out a generation of people who managed to learn these specific things but never learned a true love of knowledge or a joy of learning.

In the past my administrator used to always remind us that we were doing a great job and that our goal was not to turn out a group of students who could read well, but to turn out a group that loved to read. With the passages they read "deeply" they are less and less willing to spend their free time in the library reading. It just doesn't turn them on like it used to.

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