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My response
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My response?

Okay... You want to pay me for the hours actually worked? Pay me like a daycare provider. I'll charge $5 per hour per student. So that's about $25 per day. That's actually a little low for where I live, but whatever. So let's say $25 per day times 30 students times 180 school days. That's $135,000. I'll take it. If you don't want me to take the summers off, let's add another 40 school days. In that case, it'll cost you $165,000 for my services.

But remember... that's just daycare. I'll do a few activities and keep them busy and out of harm's way, but daycare doesn't include the delivery of a specific curriculum, and it certainly doesn't include grading assignments. How many daycare providers do you know who take home work and grade it? If you want any actual teaching or assessment on top of the "daycare," that'll obviously cost you above and beyond the $135,000 (for 180 days) / $165,000 (for 220 days), and I might have to ask for health benefits.

Oh... you'd rather pay me $73,000 in exchange for actually educating your son or daughter? Are you sure? The $165,000 "daycare" ship is sailing...

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