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Clip to ScrapBook #11

you are so lucky you have a long vacation!
No, I can't afford a vacation this year, tell me about your vacation to the islands.

You are so lucky, you don't work in the summer.
Well, yes I do work all summer, I just don't get paid. My car is the silver Accura. Count how many hours it is in the parking lot.

You are so lucky, you have the summer off.
Well, the landscaper has the winter off without pay too. Is he lucky? Why don't you fly that opinion by him next Feb.

You are so lucky to spend time with little kids. They must be so much fun to be with.
Well, I'm sure I would find your kids fun to be with, but not all kids are like yours. Why don't you call all the kids in the neighborhood into your family room for 5 hours this Sat. remember you can't leave the room and no tv or tech. tablets etc.! Stay with them. Then we will talk abut the meaning of fun.
BTW- the last one isn't really right. I do find them fun and wonderful to be with. I just know the people who have said this to me do NOT think other peoples kids are fun. They tell me they are all brats.

Yes, the grass is always greener.
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