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Here's my take
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My biggest concern is the culture of fear. No one wants to tell the person who may actually be doing something wrong, that they need to change. Everyone is scared that the person may get defensive, go off on them, or even tell the boss that another person said what they said. This is true on my campus. The principal will tell you she's gotten "good" reviews and everyone on campus is happy and we have good morale. Meanwhile, no one agrees, but no one will stand up and tell her for fear of retaliation in the form of bad reviews, more walkthroughs, or bitter words. Some teachers at our school need to be told that they are handling parents in the wrong way (i.e rudely) and that their classroom management style sucks (i.e. yelling at kids, belittling kids, etc.) but no one will tell them (even parents) for fear that they will tell the principal and (see above) retaliation. I think we should just go to a person and say "Here's what is great about what you're doing, but I see this also and that may not be the best way to handle it." So, as far as anyone who tells the principal about something rather than going to that actual person, no matter how horrible they are, I disagree. Either tell the person to their face or keep it to yourself.
(I amend this is terms of actual physical harm or abuse, of course tell someone if that is the case!)
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