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Clip to ScrapBook #8

I am really done with rewards. The best reward for my students is being in a class they love. However, I will sometimes offer prizes for a review game or being great for a sub.

*Homework passes
*Extra credit points
*Extended deadline cards
*Gum-from Sam's Club-the cheap kind
*Dum-dums-From Sam's Club- cheap
*Very rarely I will let them pick from my prize box left over from weekly bribes-I have everything in there from fake tattoos to pencils and erasers (this can be distracting in other classes esp. if you give away little toys)

I used to have a reward system for my five classes. Basically, I gave each class five points. If someone talked out or was out of his or her seat, I took away a point. I gave points for silence in the hallways and excellent participate. On Thursday, I calculated the points and the highest class won. I usually gave out cool pencils, candy, bookmarks, erasers, or toys. This bribery works well but as time goes out kids get more demanding and want better prizes and really expect them. Plus, this obviously gets expensive!

Now, I follow a simple plan of "3 Strikes"...I keep a class list for each class on my clipboard. I put a check for infraction, three strikes and they get sent to the hallway to fill out a paper. Three papers=parent contact or office referral. The best rewards in middle school are free...sit with a friend, five minutes of free time, watch a movie trailer, or discuss something with a partner instead of writing it down. Review "games" are big. The game in itself is a reward. If things get out of hand, I might say, "If you cannot calm down, then you can fill in the review sheet." We might do a Power Point Jeopardy or boys against girls...It doesn't matter but make it a contest or add a ball and voila, it's fun!

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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