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I try to stick with something easy. I have done complicated point systems - etc and am done with that. I have a marble jar. If the whole class is on task, I drop in a marble, it makes a lovely, satisfying sound when it goes in. When the jar is full, we vote on an activity. Usually, but not always a movie. I have had kids request an hour of free gym time, extra outside recess, a read-in.

As a rule, I try not to take marbles out, but will do so if necessary. Also, this is very easy to manipulate so that they earn one per quarter

With a tough class one year I would write the word RECESS on the board. Each letter represented five minutes of a Friday recess. When the class was behaving poorly I would erase one letter. On Friday we redeemed what was left of our extra recess. They could earn minutes back.

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