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How do you deal with a P or AP that constantly micromanages?

The P at my school is an interim. Our previous P resigned due to stress. They lied to her to get her to accept the position. She was a top principal at a school at another state. The interim is doing fine.

The middle school AP doesn’t bother me and only comes in if I need him. However, the high school AP here is constantly walking into my class at least twice per week, interrupts my class, and is constantly nit picking at me and my students. She somehow managed to annoy myself and every student in my classroom.

One was watching a video for one of her classes on her phone since her laptop was dead and due to COVID, they cannot borrow laptops. Yet they want me to make exceptions for my students. She assumed she was texting.
One was watching a video on his laptop and she thought he was sleeping.
Another was reading his textbook and she thought he was sleeping, even though he had his book and paper on his desk! Then she tried to accuse me of not helping a student when I had finished helping her on her assignments! The counselor took credit in doing it and tried to say I wasn’t supporting her enough!

Any tips on how to deal with her? Unfortunately, they are still doing evals and she is my evaluator! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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