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Christmas Math Extra Credit
Old 12-20-2020, 06:51 AM
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I was thinking of giving a Christmas math extra credit sheet/activity for the kids. I want something that will make them think, but won't necessarily be very involved, meaning I know there are a lot of Christmas math projects out there, but I want something less involved than that but still getting them to think and do math.

I vaguely remember at one point having seen a problem about "How many legs are in the 12 days of Christmas song?" I was thinking that could be a good one. Any other ideas or places to look? I teach 4th grade.

ETA: I just Googled "How many legs in the 12 Days of Christmas Song" to see if I could find a handout to give kids, and the answer pops up on numerous websites complete with the work. I'd rather not not do that one now. Any other ideas that can't be Googled?

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