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I am giving my 4th graders some long division to do over break. They missed 28 division lessons in third grade and have understandably struggled with division in 4th. We are just gaining confidence with long division and remainders and I do not want them regress. We have only 3 days to teach multidigit division when they get back.

I am also asking them to read 2 books over the break. I am not seeing reading progress with the majority of my students. There have been so many "ins and outs" over the last 3 months with quarantines and isolations. It has been very hard for everyone. They get to choose the books- they can be a graphic novel, something. I would even accept picture books!

I know most of my students want to do well, but are still feeling the effects of last years closure and this year's disruptions. No one will be penalized if they don't do the work and no one will get a bonus. I try to instill an internalized desire to take responsibility for your own learning. I help to provide the framework, but you have to take up the mantle.

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