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Please. No. Don't give them any type of extra credit for over the break. The kids you want to do it won't. The kids who don't need to do it will.

If you want them to think about math over Christmas, talk to them about math that people use before the break and maybe while events are happening a few will think about the math that is involved in Christmas. Buying (costs), wrapping (how much tape is enough or how much paper do you need), cooking (measurements used), miles Santa travels, how big of a tree, how many lights, how much food to make, etc Tie the type of math into the things they will see: calculations and accounting, geometry and measurement, estimation, etc

Let them know you look forward to hearing some of their observations or how they applied math over the holidays and leave it at that.

Don't make them do work, just let them know that math is involved in so much. Maybe they can share when they get back.
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