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Sounding Words vs. Word Parts
Old 01-09-2021, 06:12 AM
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As a Kindergarten teacher for 21yrs & now a K-2 Reading Interventionist for 2 yrs here are my thoughts:

1. Both strategies are different

2. Both strategies are essential

3. Readers should have many reading strategies in their repertoire so..

4. Readers can apply when they need to decode a word when reading

5. Sounding out each sound comes 1st because beginning readers are taught to associate individual letters & sounds to read words CVC words (in addition to sight words). They would sound out “cap, bug, fan, etc.

6. Then word parts are taught so students can see the associations between various word so they can become more fluent (faster). For example. If they can read & write “cape” then they should know how to read & write the following words due to the same word parts “nape, tape, ape,” etc.

Happy Teaching!
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