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Principal changed grades
Old 01-11-2021, 09:30 AM
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Hi, everyone! I have some questions about grading policies and ethics prior to Covid-19.

A while back, I moved to NC and was hired for a teaching position in an inner-city school. The position had been unfilled for several years, which was a huge red flag. The behavioral issues were out of control and some of the students were violent. The administration made it worse by discouraging discipline and undermining teachers' authority. Most of the students didn't do any work at all and there was an unspoken rule that teachers were supposed to arbitrarily write in false grades for missing work.

To make matters worse, the grades were supposed to be based on our personal opinions of each student. Basically, "guessing" what the students would have received if they handed in work. The vice principal even asked me to change failing test grades to 20 or 30 points higher. I balked at that since these "methods" were teaching students to be unmotivated, not study, and not hand in any work. The students have caught on to the system and it's encouraging bad behavior and low standards. When I refused to change grades, the principal entered false grades in the system. I'm sorry, but this seems illegal or incredibly unethical.

Does anyone know if grade tampering is legal in NC or how I would find out? I refused to participate and was afraid I'd be fired for refusing or be held responsible for the principal's actions. I reached out to the state BOE and got the runaround. The union won't help either. Shouldn't there be a law on grade tampering or falsification? I found news articles in my state where school officials got in trouble for such actions, but can't find the law supporting this. How do I find out? Thanks for your help!

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