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Does he think I won’t look?
Old 01-18-2021, 11:35 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #1

Seventh grader. Third year of academic classes with me, various subjects. Is and has been this way through whole school life (small school). Smart enough. Tired of being politically correct, he’s lazy.

First LATE assignment I look at...So. America topic- we’re studying Middle East now...passed in an old assignment...on G-classroom! I don’t think that can be accidental.

Second LATE assignment...he got 2 of the 5 easy questions wrong and deleted the essay question.

Third LATE assignment...turned it in blank.

First on time assignment I looked at was done as a class in school. I thought they wouldn’t get it all done and would become homework. We just got it done by the skin of our teeth. His has 20 answers, there were 19 questions. He clearly wrote any word from the list given on the assignment. He accidentally got two right.

It has taken me longer to write all my comments for the poor grades than it did him to give me this garbage.

Same comments I’ve had for three years now despite the many conferences. I can’t make him care about or do the work. It’s so frustrating to me.

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