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Go for it.
Old 06-19-2019, 05:05 AM
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Okay, based on what you described as TRS, I'm assuming you are talking about Texas.

Go for it!

A few things to keep in mind:

Re: TRS and ss - You will need to check, but you don't have to take the TRS retirement later when you end teaching. Now as to how many years, your age, and so on, to get your money out without being punished by WEP and BPO, check this out. We had a gentleman retire where he still got all his soc security and a little bit from TRS. And another suggestion is that there are a few school districts in Texas that do pay soc. security - you might check that out.

Location - are you flexible? Can you go work anywhere in Texas? If so, I have no doubt you will land a job. Many people come to teaching as a second career. It seemed that we had a big influx back in the recession; not so much now with the economy being good.

Advantage - you are not a young person right out of college. You have maturity, experience managing and dealing with people. You have a long work history and it should show that you show up for work, you are reliable, and no other issues. (Hiring a young person, yes they can be trained, but there are alot of unknowns as yet. Will they get married and move away? Is this just a stepping stone?) Also they are getting a lot for their money -- new teacher salary so you don't cost the district what a seasoned teacher of the same age would cost them. Also going back to school, making a change like you are doing, working through school, shows that you are also highly motivated. Many districts hire back retired teachers, too.

Suggestion: Do try to do some subbing while in school, just to make sure you are certain and it also gives you experience. You have vacation days from your job so a future employer would also see this as a "real buyin" by you as well.

Another thing to consider: You didn't say, but do you have a college degree? If so, you can do alternative certification.

(Note: my advice pertains to Texas only. Private message me if you need more help.)
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