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Well, its too late now
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Pushback or not. Did kids come with Valentines? Or candy? Did you allow them to be passed out or did you send them home unopened?

I guess it all depends on what the culture of your school is and what is going on in the other 4th grade classrooms. Also, what directives you have or have not been given from administration and what has been done in past years.

I never had a Valentine's party per se, because our DISTRICT rule was that we could have a Winter party and an end of the year party. That's it.

However, we sent home lists of names and students could bring a valentine for everyone or none. They could also bring treats for all or not.

During station time on the 13th, the students could go to the "Decorate a Valentine's Bag station." Names written by me on a paper bag that they decorated with stickers, markers, etc.

During station time on the 14th, during the "Read to Self" station, students who had brought Valentine's stuff passed them out to the bags which were placed in alpha order under the chalk board (practicing alpha order ) If you didn't bring anything, you read as usual.

During packup time, kids grabbed their bags and took them home. No opening of valentines, no candy eating, no party. Just a chance for kids to give something to their classmates, if they wanted.

No extended loss of instructional time, since each activity had some educational value.
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