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Joined: Feb 2013
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Old 09-04-2020, 05:51 AM
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I'm back working as much as I can praying that I won't catch covid 19.

When Gov Wolf (PA) closed down the schools I lost about 40% of my income. Luckily I have and evening/weekend job that I was able to work 40 hours plus for the last 6 months, this helped out considerably as I was not able to receive unemployment due to making too much at the evening/weekend job.

Three of my districts aren't going back until September 8th. One is using building subs exclusively until 2021. Two are back in session with a modified schedule; group A is in person M & T and online W, Th, F while group B is in person Th & F and online M, T, W.

Until I find a non-teaching, non-covid help job I guess I will continue to work two jobs. I'm applying for other jobs as they come up, but so far nothing.

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