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I need to decide if I should try to extend EDD benefits based on what is happening in my three districts.

My largest district has had jobs available, but I was told by the sub tech not to accept them because I have not had virtual training.

Yet I do not qualify for virtual training unless I am notified by a school or the district that a school wants me. There is a 13 day job available today that I am not eligible to accept. This district gives me about 50-60% of my work.

My 2nd district, which generally supplies about 25% of my work, just gave us some brief inferior online training that now qualifies me to accept work. The sub coordinator says she will report to EDD that jobs are available. There is now a bad three day job available at a continuation high school that I did not accept.

My 3rd district, which supplies about 10-15% of my work, e-mailed us to tell us that there would not be too much work available for subs for the time being, and nothing has come up.

School has been in session online since August 11.

I have often picked up jobs over the phone, and if you reject an offered job when they call, or just hang up on them, this will likely be known, and can get your benefits rejected.
So far, I have only gotten calls to accept jobs from my largest district that I was told not to accept, so I think I am safe here with EDD.

How does one renew their claim? Do you need to start over again, or is there a shortcut?
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