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Dang Treasures...Help with schedule....
Old 09-14-2011, 04:24 PM
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I'm REALLY close to having my students start choosing. We are up to 20+ minutes for readt to self and read to someone...not so hot on Writing (it has to be readers Anyway, I am having a hard time doing the schedule. I have 90 minutes so I thought:

10 minutes Vocab
20 Mins Round 1
10 mins Strategy/Basal story
20 mins Round 2
10 mins phonics
20 mins Round 3
I haven't tried it yet...Plus, I'm only going to have time to do 3 rounds but still want them to have all choices...SO, I thought everyday they must read to self and read to someone....then they have to do the other 3 at least once a week. Ideas????

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