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Adding Color
Old 02-22-2012, 05:49 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #3

I agree with the plants. In late fall, I would bring my geraniums from my home's porch and put them in the windows of my classroom. They bloomed all winter, and it added a lot of sparkle and pop to my classroom.

If you have tables in your classroom, a colorful tablecloth also adds color and pop.

I used colorful cloth on my bulletin boards with contrasting premade borders. If the background was red, my students did their final copy on yellow paper mounted on turquoise paper and the border had yellows, greens, and turquoise in it. The letters for the bulletin board were yellow. This added a lot of zest to my bulletin boards. (Final copies on white paper never thrilled me...white just does not give the pop I was looking for in my classroom.)

Besides red cloth, I also used a Christmas green and turquoise. I loved using the cloth because I only needed to take it down and replace it about once every three or four years. It beat hanging new bulletin board paper every fall.

I also added some touches from home. Over the years, I got many school-related and holiday-related gifts. Each month, I tried to bring a few of these to school and make an area on top of a bookshelf or windowsills with these. It added hominess.

I also made sure the posters I hung on doors or the sides of bland bookshelves were very colorful with a thoughful message.

I had linoleum floors that were an awful green, so in certain areas of my classroom, I added cranberry colored carpet rugs. They were quite large and shaggy, but warmer than the linoleum. (Of course, after I retired, they carpeted my old classroom!!)

I hope this has given you some ideas.
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